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澳门赌博注册网址:New Development Fund: Castrol core strengths stock initiated (005612)

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内容摘要: a ,Harvest Fund Overviewcore strengths stock initiate formula (005,612) issued in January 29, 2018, fund managers Harvest Fund Management C...

a , Harvest Fund Overview

core strengths stock initiate formula (005,612) issued in January 29, 2018, fund managers Harvest Fund Management Co., aspiring fund manager: Hu Yufei, Zhang Nan, fund type Equity funds with expected risk and expected return above Mixed funds , Bond funds and money market funds. The Fund will invest in Hong Kong stocks through the general equity of the shares will bear the exchange rate risk as well as due to the investment environment, the subject of investment, the market system, differences in trading rules and other overseas markets brought about by the risk.

performance benchmark: CSI 800 index return × 70% + Hang Seng Index yields × 20% + Bond Composite wealth index yields × 10%

Investment Objective: The Fund by listed investment in a core competitive advantage Companies, under the premise of risk control, strive to gain more than the performance benchmark.

Investment Scope: The Fund invests in shares issued according to law in the PRC, stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock index futures, warrants, bonds, asset-backed securities, bond repurchases, securities backed by the Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading interoperability mechanism, Interbank Stockpile, Bank Deposits, cash, and other financial instruments that laws and regulations or the CSRC allow the fund to invest in.

Investment Strategy: The Fund comprehensively uses qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to fully study the macroeconomic factors. Based on the economic cycle theory, the Fund determines the stage of the macroeconomic cycle, combining with the systemic risk to the securities market and the future development of major categories Asset risk expected rate of return and risk factors to determine the proportion of CSI A shares, Hong Kong stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other financial instruments in the portfolio. The Fund's core competitive advantage refers to the company with a sustainable competitive advantage and high barriers to entry, to resist the competition in the company's stock. Stock Investment Strategy: The Fund selects the pool of alternative stocks according to the scope of the company's stock with core competitive advantage and, on the basis of this, classifies the Company's competitive advantage into "intangible assets, costs Advantages, cost of conversion, network effects "and other sources, through the comprehensive consideration of the above factors, the establishment of stock investment portfolio.

II. Highlights

Focus on core assets and invest in high-quality enterprises with core competitiveness. Harvest core advantage Stock Fund The core stock of the company with the core competitive advantage as defined in the Fund is not less than 80% of the total stock of the non-cash fund assets. Enterprises with core competitive advantages can cross the economy in long-term economic change and market competition Cycle, to resist the competition with the industry and eventually won.

Flexible configuration, A + H configuration mode Nuggets Shanghai and Shenzhen deep three. The scope of investment of the fund includes the stocks issued by the PRC (including the main board, small board, GEM and other stocks approved by the CSRC) and the stocks of the Hong Kong Stocks that pass the standard. The proportion of the stock assets shall not be less than 80% of the fund assets. (Among them, the proportion of shares traded in the Hong Kong stock market to the equity assets is not higher than 50%, and the shares of companies with core competitive advantage defined in the Fund are not less than 80% of the non-cash fund assets.)

A + H configuration mode, multi-channel investment
stock investment ratio of assets \u0026 gt; 80%
proportion of equity assets ratio of more than 80% of fund assets ratio of 0-50%
Hong Kong stocks to invest in Hong Kong stocks through the underlying stocks accounting for stock assets 0-50%

Harvest Shanghai and Shenzhen deep management team to create. The fund's proposed fund manager Hu Yufei, Zhang Nan. Mr. Hu Yufei: Tsinghua University, MBA, 8 years of securities experience; Zhang Nan: Tsinghua University Master of Finance, 6 years of securities experience. In addition, Harvest Fund's A-share investment research team and Hong Kong stock investment research team, has achieved market research team resources sharing and interoperability. Harvest core strengths Fund manager will be jointly supported by the research team of the two places, collaborative management of A, H stock investment, screening companies with core competitive advantage, the selection of reasonable valuation of the industry stocks, and strive to bring investors excess returns.

securities code Fund referred fund was established%
001878.OF Castrol Shanghai and Hong Kong stock 2016-05-2783.80
004477.OF deep selection of Castrol Shanghai and Hong Kong deep return rate of return [ unit] since the establishment of mixed 2017-03 day -2935.287 _89456_118_65473_9
004450.OF cutting-edge technology Castrol Shanghai and Hong Kong stock 2017-05-1922.23

deep Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities; Deadline: January 25, 2018

launched funds, fund managers subscribe for 10 million , Promised to hold at least 3 years. The Fund's fund managers fund shareholders, the fund manager's own funds, fund managers, senior managers or fund managers ( refers to base gold managers who have qualified fund managers according to law, including but not limited to the Fund's fund manager , But also include investment managers other than fund managers), and other personnel funds to participate in the subscription, the subscription amount of not less than 10 million yuan, and the fund shares holding period of not less than three years. The concept of initiating funds determines that the fund manager must bundle its own interests with the benefits of the fund so as to truly share interests and share risks with the fund share holders.

Fund manager Harvest Fund: One of the first ten fund management companies, the scale of management in the forefront of the industry.

Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd. is one of the first ten fund management companies approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission. It has been developed to include all public funds, institutional investment, pension business, overseas investment, private equity investment and wealth management. License "business, the linkage of primary and secondary market investment in financial services industry chain. As of the end of 2017, Harvest Fund has achieved a total asset management scale of 950 billion yuan, ranking the top ten in the industry for more than 80 million investors in a professional and efficient financial management service.

Third, remind

subscription rates 1.2% (\u0026 lt; 100 Wan ) .

recognition / purchase rates redemption rates
amount (M) subscription rates 7_89456_193_6547 3_9 purchase rates holding period (L) redemption rates
M \u0026 lt; 100 Wan 1.20% 1.50% L \u0026 lt; 7%
100 Wan Ri 1.50 ≤M \u0026 lt; 200% 1.00 Wan 0.80 % 7 _ 89456 _ 230 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 231 _ 65473 _ 97 days ≤ L \u0026 lt; 30 days 0.75%
200 10,000 ≤ M \u0026 lt; 5 million 7_89456_238_654 73_90.50% 0.60% 7 _ 89456 _ 242 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 243 _ 65 473 _ 930 days ≤L \u0026 lt; 365 days 0.50%
M≥500 ten thousand yuan 1000 yuan / T 1000 yuan / T 7 _ 89456 _ 254 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 255 _ 65 473 _ 9365 May ≤L \u0026 lt; 730 days 0.25%
L≥730日 0





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